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Shift From Annual Health Check Up Towards Periodic Preventive Care

Key facts:
– expertise from developed nations has shown that not all annual health health check is helpful.

– These countries have shaped special task forces for developing recommendations on preventive care.

– Most such preventive task forces as well as United States and North American country advocate periodic preventive care rather than annual care.

– The periodic care is associate degree personalized model and “one size fits all” screening is taken into account a observe of past.

Dear Reader,

Traditions evolve over time! life science naturally is ever evolving. The traditions in life science, therefore would die in no time. however it takes time and a many proof to challenge long established traditions.

We all agree that “Prevention is healthier than cure”. however what’s the simplest kind of hindrance is ever debatable and changes from time to time.

The tradition of annual medical checkup ups is declining globally, and therefore the new trend is “Periodic” rather than annual.

1. what’s periodic preventive care?

Periodic preventive care could be a versatile, personalized screening approach. during this approach, a personal might be screened for elect health issues throughout a typically versatile vary of your time amount. The precise time is typically chosen by the individual.

For example a precise examination could also be due once a year whereas another one due once in three years, a 3rd one due once in five years and a fourth one due once in ten years period. The individual will opt for any elect time for the service that is due.

2. Why this shift from annual medical checkup ups to periodic check ups is taking place?

Research has shown that a set annual examination includes a ton of issues like over testing, over designation, follow up testing and typically over treatment. this is often applicable across all the age teams. Young and healthy people but 35-40 years ancient profit less from annual examination as compared to people over sixty five years ancient.

3. however will this in progress shift have an effect on your preventive visits to health center?

If you’re young and healthy, this may cut back your preventive visits and take a look at frequency. If you’re morbid and/or recent this could increase your visits and testing.

4. however will this in progress shift have an effect on the screening tests that area unit offered to the individual?

The hindrance task forces have conjointly hierarchic the tests from A to D, with a take a look at with grade A having the possibilities of giving most profit. therefore in future, the ordering doctor could also be influenced by the grading and suggestions. The tests with grade A and B area unit expected to be offered to a bigger range of people and therefore the numbers for grade C and D would eventually go down.

This article is written for the aim of sharing scientific info with no intention to harm any business or making tilt. Any such makes an attempt or use of this text would go against the pure scientific spirit of the article and area unit discouraged.